When Reggae & Punk Music United…

Seconde vidéo de la chaîne lilmikef sur YouTube. Documentaire intitulé “When Reggae & Punk Music United To Create Britain’s Rock Against Racism Movement” (volet 2) retraçant la création du mouvement Rock Against Racism, sur la base d’une rencontre enrichissante entre musique Punk et Reggae. Beaux moments avec Jimmy Pursey (Sham 69) et Poly Styrene (X Ray Spex). Présentation du documentaire d’Alan Miles.

The 1978 Rock Against Racism Carnival in London attracted a miles long multi-cultural march of a hundred thousand citizens with a mix of punk rock, reggae and potent political organizing. The groundbreaking cultural event was a bright spot in a politically dark time in the UK, and part 2 of Alan Miles film ”Who Shot The Sheriff?’ tells the whole story by engaging with key participants. This comprehensively researched documentary presented on my @LilMikeSf YouTube channel here in 3 parts, features interviews and unseen footage from the Rock Against Racism movement of the 1970’s including interviews with Poly Styrene, Billy Bragg, Jimmy Pursey, Tom Robinson, Peter Main, Syd Shelton along with footage of Steel Pulse, Elvis Costello, The Clash, X-Ray Spex, The Specials, Misty In Roots, and Sham 69. The documentary tracks the rise of opposition to a wave of riot prone racism brought to the fore by the National Front (BNP) in Britain during the late 70’s. Director Alan Miles admirably pulls archival footage from many sources, and shows how a generation under attack, created an unlikely way to fight back against a growing Fascist & Nazi threat.

Illustration de Samuel Etienne. Extrait de sa fresque picturale à l’exposition Paris-Londres Music Migrations.